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      How To Heal & Deal With Life Changes

      How To Step Into A New Season Of Life Changes

      Are you going into a new season of life changes?

      Or are you growing into your new season of life changes?


      Job loss...

      Covid stealing the ones we loved the most including family & life-long friends...

      Becoming an empty-nester

      Figuring out how to survive the rise of inflated basically everything...


      But this time...

      Go into this new season with a coach that will mentor and teach you how to pray and apply the work that is needed to prosper. 

      (Read that again) ☝🏽


      I have one question for you beloved... 
      How can you elevate any of these things, without elevating your relationship with God first?
      I’m not only talking about the religion but also the relationship with God. 
      Consult after consult but still no clarity?
      Maybe you’ve hit dead-end after dead-end just to start over again?
      Don't let another day pass without having a coach that will help you pray and prosper.
      The Prayer To Purpose Mentorship + Subscription Box will help you get the strategies you need to increase not only your personal relationship with God, but in your businesses, your work life, your sense of self, your relationships with people, and the list goes on.
      With the Prayer To Purpose membership + subscription box, you will receive:
      • Weekly direction that will help build your prayers, actions, and spiritual relationship with God.
      • PLUS Prayer oil blessed by Prophetess Keisha Green
      • PLUS easy access to text message prayer requests
      • PLUS Exclusive Monthly prayer meetings
      • PLUS exclusive access to the private Facebook group for members only
      • Emails will include fasting tips, spiritual challenges, and more 


      A Special Offer For You

      The First 50 signups will get $10 off the first month at checkout.